Below are our FAQs for our store. If you wish to view the FAQs for WM Doll or 6Ye Doll, then please scroll down further. 

Is the Payment System Secure?

Yes, we use PayPal because it’s the people’s choice when it comes to safety. When you enter your credit card information it is encrypted via a secure server.
PayPal accepts VISA, MasterCard and AMEX. Alternatively if you do not wish to use PayPal you can also use Bank Transfer. We do not store customer’s credit card information.

We also have a SSL Certificate 

"SSL" stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”. SSL Certificates are used to establish a secure encrypted connection between a browser (user's computer) and a server (website). The SSL connection protects sensitive data, such as credit card information, exchanged during each visit to the website. Websites that do not have SSL encryption allows data to be sent in plain text which can leave you venerable to “eavesdropping” as a cyber attack can possibly intercept the data and compromise your personal information. SSL is also a security protocol. Protocols describe how security algorithms should behave and determine variables of the encryption for both the link and the data being transmitted.

How do I know that your website has SLL “Secure Sockets Layer”?

Good question, check out our URL. We have "https" before our URL name. The "S" stands for "Secure". This area of the URL absolutely cannot be forged or tampered with. You may also notice on our product pages the "https" area is green coloured with a padlock symbol. 

How much is postage?

Postage is calculated as either an Australia Post flat rate or Express Post rate depending on which of the two you request (please contact us for a quote or view during ordering). We use Australia Post Parcel and Express Post Satchels

How will my order be shipped and how long will it take?

Your item will be posted via Australia Post. Once payment has been received if you chose express post its normally next business day or next day after that (if metro area) and parcel post normally around 3 days. Items are shipped from Melbourne. 

Note: This is only for small good like masturbators, love dolls we use UPS. 

What countries do you ship to?

For small goods such as masturbators, lubricants, fragrance, air dolls, body style toys etc, unfortunately we only ship inside Australia. This is because we don't "drop ship" these items and hold them in Australia to get them to you fast. The small good sales have been setup for Australian post satchels so only ship domestically. 

I want a product that is sold out, how can I get it?

Sold out here, can mean the item is sold out in Japan. If you want an item that is sold out, please email us and we will try and reorder that item for you.

What will be displayed on my credit card statement?

No need to worry, it will not have anything relating to adult products. It will appear with “Sakurako Imports”.

What will my package look like?

Your package will arrive in an Australia post satchel. There is no item description or any kind of giveaway of what you have purchased. We take your privacy very seriously so no need to worry. 

My item appears to be broken or not what I ordered?

Please see the Terms and Conditions, “Returns Policy”.

What is a Japanese Masturbator?

Often called many names such as “silicone vagina”, “artificial vagina”, “fake vagina”, "anime sex toy", just name a few, the Japanese Masturbator is a rubber or silicone device that replicates the interior of a woman’s vagina and is used for masturbation by men. Masturbators have been part of Japanese culture for quite some time and most believe have perfected the art.  

FAQs for our Sex Dolls

What is the cost of postage?

The price quoted in your cart is already inclusive of your postage cost from the manufacterer to your front door. There is nothing else to pay. 

This includes parcel tracking information and shipping fees. *Please provide a home address as UPS do not ship to PO BOX addresses. 

Please Note:

The rates for our dolls are assessed for Australian customers so If you reside outside of Australia you can use the currency feature on the homepage (top left) to select your currency and it will automatically convert. 

Customs Tax for UK orders is not covered in cost. UK customers will have to pay taxes themselves. 

How long will it take to receive the doll?

Estimated Time of Arrival For Love Dolls 
Times displayed are from the purcahse point to the arrival of the Love Doll
WM Doll: Approx 4-5 weeks
6YE Doll: Approx 4 weeks
Qita Doll: Approx 3 weeks

Customs Duties Taxes and Importation of sex dolls to Australia?

We pay all customs duties and taxes for you as it is included in the price. You can even check the paperwork upon arrival and you will find this is true. 

Please note: Some competitors that sell the same or very simular dolls will under-declare the doll to customs as under $1000AUD which is fully tax free to dodge and deceive paying any customs taxes. As of late, Australian customs laws on sex dolls now have a much tighter clearance process so buying from these companies that under-declare will most likely end in a situation of having the doll seized from you. 

Such unlawful practices allow the dolls to be sold so cheap. Our dolls cost a portion more but this is because we do things right and pay the full customs and duty taxes for you at the real import value.
Another process change in the importation of sex dolls to Australia is that many dolls will be held and photos requested from customs to us (not you). This is perfectly normal so don't panic. Customs need to see what the doll looks like in the complete form and this is purely to check the doll doesn't look too underaged. Naturally we have nothing to do with and would never sell any kind of doll like this or even remotely close! Our dolls of course pass with no problems as we only sell tall with large breasts. 

Customs only request pictures or "IDM" as they call it, due to the the massive influx of sex dolls from China they have to deal with daily and simply don't have the time to open and assemble each doll so just ask for a few pictures prior to clearance, again the request comes to us not you so you don't need to worry about being embarassed. 

Can you ship to other Countries? 

Yes, we ship all over the world, below are the countries we ship to and the customs information for them:

Doll is sent most commonly via Fedex. Upon arrival, we pay the taxes for you and handle clearance if necessary. The customs taxes are usually around $200 USD. 
Doll is sent most commonly via Fedex. Upon arrival we pay the taxes for you and handle clearance if necessary. The customs taxes area usually around $250 CAD. 
New Zealand
Doll is most commonly sent via UPS or DHL. Customs taxes we pay are normally around $400 NZD.
Unfortunately the kiwis must register for a ‘Client Code’ to even be able to receive the doll.
Unlike other countries, New Zealand is unique in the sense that the government makes the customer have a client code which is a license of sorts that is to import goods over $1000 NZD. Even though the customer is not technically importer they still require this. It is recommended to have your client code setup prior to purchase so that there are no delays. Once the doll is landed in New Zealand the client code is charged but we fit the bill. After that the doll is passed and your new lady is sent to you.
For more information on Client Codes in New Zealand click here: https://www.customs.govt.nz/business/import/lodge-your-import-entry/client-codes/  
Doll is sent most commonly via Sagawa Express. Customs clearance process fast and easy. At times an arrival fee is charged of 2000 yen. This is reimbursed by us and the doll is on her way to your arms.
Doll sent most commonly with DHL but sometimes differs. Upon arrival the taxes are paid by us, usually around 150 GBP. Doll is cleared.

What are the dolls made from?

My Love Dolls are made from a special soft version of TPE that feels more like human flesh, fat and muscle. They are manufactured in China.

What is the size of my package?

It really depends on which doll you are purchasing, if you are interested in the exact measurement please contact us and specify the doll size and we can assist. The cardboard is strong to protect the doll and there is a lot of padding around the doll generally this is not just the body but padding around the body parts too. The head is disconnected in transit so as to not put pressure on the neck. 

Can I change the wig?

Yes, you can. You can easily switch wigs whenever you like.

Care tips?

Joints: Please treat the doll as you would a real woman. The doll can move in many positions and poses however don’t force unusual moments that wouldn’t be normal on a woman otherwise a joint could break.

Lube: It is highly recommend to only use water based lubes.

Carrying: It is recommended not to drag when moving the doll as you may catch her feet on a rough surface causing damage

Care of Skin: It is best to clean before and after every use. Keeping her in a breathable bag will of course deflect any dust or debris from sticking to the material. For cleaning holes use mild soap with water to wash and clean on every use. Baby powder can be used to keep dust and oil off of the material. It can also eliminate shine making the skin look more realistic and supple. Leaving the doll contorted for long periods of time can cause creases in the material so it is always best after use to return the doll back to the storage position which is lying flat.  Cleaning the vagina area it is good to use a douche with warm soapy water. Lastly when you receive the doll new for the first time it doesnt hurt to give a wipe down to remove any chemical dust that may be on the surface of the doll. 

Please note: Strong coloured dyes used on clothes can also be absorbed by the material if left on too long or left in the sun/daylight. This issue can be intensified if you live in hot/sunny areas and leave the doll exposed in the heat so please be extra careful.  

Storage: It is best to lay the doll on her back with arms and legs slightly apart and lying flat. If you can place foam underneath it is good as it can eliminate any long term indentations. Do not store the doll crouched/bent, this will stretch the material over time which can lead to tearing. The main idea is to treat the doll with care and she will last well. 

I have placed my order but I have changed my mind about one of the features I want.
Is it too late to change now?

My Love Doll is hand made from your order, so when you place that order the artists begin their work. So the short answer is “No”. This rule also includes the general purchase of the doll, once the order has been placed and creation has begin it cannot be reversed.
To avoid this problem please be certain before placing your order.  

What if her body receives damage?

The special TPE is designed to take some wear and tear so it is pretty strong and durable however just treat her with respect and dont do anything too silly to create a chance of damage. 

What additions can I get with my doll?

Click on "Love Doll - Customise" from the TOP panel buttons and you will see all additional features. 
For 6YE you can see the additions on the product page. 

The Real Deal

Our dolls are created and sent to you directly from the manufacturer. We deal with absolutely no re-sellers or anything of the like. We are also listed on "The Doll Forum" which is the biggest and most trusted love doll forum in the world!
We are listed on "The Doll Forum" as the official vendor for the Oceania region. 

What to look out for if searching elsewhere

Unfortunately even the largest most reputable e-commerce websites still suffer fake vendors that deceitfully and fraudulently enter their websites and sell off high-priced dolls that don’t exist.
Here at Japanese Love Toys we have sold dolls to many customers that have advised us that they had previously lost money buying such dolls from these offshore fake vendors.

For dolls that are 136cm and upwards the bodies alone cost a minimum of approximately $1500AUD in production costs from the factory so in light of this if you see any doll being sold for around $2000AUD or less (from this height range) you know it’s highly suspicious. 

Also there are some companies from China (that have a “.com” domain) that buy these dolls from the factories which are merely sold off as “seconds” however sold on their websites as “new”. If you see a love doll website that has ".com.au" but doesn’t even offer a phone number then its a clear sign. Other countries that run scams and will buy ".com.au" to appear to be local but after digging around their website you will notice they aren’t in Australia and are most likely fraudulent.

Other warning signs to look out for are:

1. Poorly written English
2. No apparent network in the country it claims to be associated with
3. No valid social media links
4. Inconsistencies with prices, dolls specs and general information mismatches. 
5. Dolls are sold extermely cheap. 

Most importantly do your research and really dig around before making your decision. If something smells funny it most likely is so. It's bad enough to receive a dud sex doll but even worse when you are liable to rashes and health conditions that surround this issue. 

How to spot a fake sex doll vs a real sex doll?

The below image and example shows the difference between a fake sex doll and a real sex doll.

The Fake Sex Doll Pictured on the Left

As you can see the fake sex doll on the left has an oily and shiny texture to the material. The makeup is rough and the texture is harder. These fakes not only look and feel worse but also have a TPE that has not been certified. Non-certified TPE can lead to rashes and other skin issues. These dolls are often sold by shady vendors on AliExpress, ebay and amazon at super cheap prices.

The Real Sex Doll Pictured on the Right

The real sex doll pictured on the right has high grade TPE that is soft and supple. Its certified so can react to skin properly. The makeup and features have finesse and the feel of the TPE is more realistic.