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Take a look out our high selling Japanese air dolls that are hand picked based on popularity. Blow them up and most you can insert your masturbator into your air doll and have fun. They come is different sizes and shapes and replicate the sexy women of Japan. 
As far as air dolls go, Kanako Fantasy Girlfriend is as realistic as it gets. Great doll for people that love the airs but dont like the anime head style. Kanako air doll's sitting position is designed to allow multiple ways of having fun. This air doll modelled to replicate AV idol Kanako's..
Hame Doll - Eika Hame Doll - Eika
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Model: 4342334
This gorgeous air doll is the new piece of art from the A-One group in the air doll range. High selling in Japan she comes with a full painted anime face, skin toned body, pocket for masturbator and finally… a lovely set of cans! Eika has a thing for Otaku and moved to Akihabara to become a..
Model: 876855657
Get snuggy with this little gem. The magic Kaori is a blow-up pillow that has sexy AV idol Kaori featured on the front and also has an image on the back for when you want to change gears. This tubular pillow also has two different entry points for different sized masturbators so you can choose how y..
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