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Known in Japan as 'Rotar' we say 'motor' these are anything electronic or battery powered that are sex toys. Japan has always been famous for great electronic sex toys and we provide just a few. 

Model: 595155688
What’s a Japanese porno without one of these? You may have seen your favourite AV Idol grinding away at one in your last viewing. This mini vibrator comes with a second button that gives you a 4 step variable on your speed.  Have your controller in one hand, the wand in the other, and ..
Model: 000056445
Want your sleeve warm light the real thing? look no further, this handly and simple to use usb warmer is a plug and play tool.  Directions: Must lube up the wand and then enter. Do not leave inside more than 10mins otherwise can get too hot and can melt the interior.  Simple US..
Neo Glassy W-Rotar - Clear Blue
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The Neo Glassy W-Rotar comes with two independently functional wands. The first wand is smaller and the other larger (about the size of a cigar). The W-Rotar also has a stylish see-through blue case.       3 AA batteries are included        ..
Enhance sensitivity of your nipples by using this powerful vacuum stimulator that sucks and playfully attacks your nipples. Waterproof with a silent motor, the Nipple Attacker creates a unique intense pleasure.       Nipple Attacker features:  Length:82mm Diamete..
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