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Meiki no Syoumei 006 Yen Jyu Yi Meiki no Syoumei 006 Yen Jyu Yi
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Model: 67586587
On the back of the success of Zhang Xiao Yu, now its time for the amazing Yen Jyu Yi ! This is one badass masturbator. Super realistic outer layer with wave effect and the interior is winding, tight and pleasure nubbed all the way to the heavens. Even better its modelled exactly to our beloved Tai..
Meiki no Syoumei 011 Takahashi Shoko Meiki no Syoumei 011 Takahashi Shoko
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Model: 5646754765
If god could come down and make the king of masturbators it would surely be this one! And IV Idol star Takahashi Shoko has helped out! The Meiki no Syoumei series is probably the hottest series of the lot out there now, this is number 11 and packs a huge punch to the series. The insides have a speci..
Mizuryu Kei Land Collection No.2 Oyako Mizuryu Kei Land Collection No.2 Oyako
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Model: 5435436
What’s better than one? two! Add a mother and daughter into the mix and you have the Mizuryu Kei Land Collection No.2 Oyako, that’s quite a mouthful but that aint nothing compared to the double happiness, double pleasure you get from this one. Designed back to belly style it has an ..
Model: 344324
A-one series is back this downright elegant gem! The namasotai series has a double layer with the interior layer extended to make the labia more prominent. It’s a concept where hard meets soft to give a unique feeling of class.    All and all the unique design sets it apart from ..
Model: 3345677
Packing a punch for 2017 from the Namasotai series is the Namasotai 02 !  This beauty has a core dual layer and the inner layer that makes its way to the entrance to the labia. The inner layer is thicker than most and give an overall more sense of pleasure. The internal material of this masturb..
Namasotai 03 Namasotai 03
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Model: 3443243
The third edition to this successful series from A-one is the Namasotai 03. Not just big for its realistic texture and realistic overall masturbator this one has uber realistic labia work that leads into the canal with its own layer which sits in the base of the toy. The hall is soft and textur..
Model: 23343423
This men's stroker or "bag hall" is the latest instalment in the series. The Ona Pit adopts the Dot tech system in which each dot creates a stimulation point whilst you rub. The idea behind the Ona Pit is to stimulate via the dot system whilst giving you control of how you handl..
Onaho no Ahosuta-san Onaho no Ahosuta-san
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Model: 233423423
Based on the manga artist Ahosuta-san this devilishly and voluptuous hottie is something really special. Comes with breasts, pocchari “chubby style” fetish round belly and enlarged clitoris, this masturbator is will hit new notes of pleasure and has all the fun and chub to shake wobble a..
Onnanokono Kaitaishinsho Onnanokono Kaitaishinsho
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Model: 51456468
Top Seller in Japan for 2015 in the masturbator/body range. Check out the new  Onnanokono Kaitaishinsho by Magic Eyes! This stunning large full torso masturbator which includes all the parts required for pleasure but if that’s not enough this one even has bone structure! The sexy curv..
Model: 54367568
Ranked Number #3 Best Seller in Japan! ! ! Remodelled and redesigned from the success of her counterpart R-20 comes the R-20 Puni ! R-20 Puni’s special features include: 1. Four channel chamber (consists of bulbs, nubs, bumps and notches) 2. Doubled layered mega thick external ..
Model: 65476658865
AV Idol Riona Minami is out sporting a soft baby skin texture masturbator with a spiral passage that contains three end chambers containing neat nubs and 'hour glass' entry. Riona  says on the box you can fee the tightness from all angels on this one as it sure packs a punch. Check it..
Seventeen Bordeaux Seventeen Bordeaux
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Model: 867879879
Top Selling Masturbator in Japan! The Seventeen Bordeaux has a dual layered bodied design that replicates the innards of the teenaged Japanese virgin aching for fun. The inner chamber is pink, highly detailed and textured for realistic effect. The Bordeaux is designed to lock on harder when yo..
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