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Seventeen Bordeaux SOFT NEW Seventeen Bordeaux SOFT NEW
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Model: 76887990
Introducing the number 1 selling masturbator in japan's new soft sister! She has already climbed the ranks to a whopping 3rd position on the japanese charts.She comes complete with a newly designed super soft, realistic material to give you the natural feel.   The Seventeen Bordeaux..
Shikyu Kantsu - Uterus Adulter Shikyu Kantsu - Uterus Adulter
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Model: 78687698999
Considered to be one of the most intense masturbators around the Shikyu Kantsu - Uterus Adulter has all the moves in the right places. This one has chambers, nubs, micro nubs, channels, bulb chambers with a texture that is soft , snug and realistic. But if that’s not enough this masturbato..
SI-X Type N adopt the Fine cross system which is similar to Izuha.This masturbator has all the classic tricks that are fit for a perfect time. SI-X Type N masturbator has pressure points that line the interior with a bulb style tunnel.   *This masturbator is perfect match and fit for an Air D..
Model: 89798798798
  New from Toys Heart is the ‘Student Council President’! this toy is one with a difference coming with two PLEASURE RINGS assigned to the interior and ridges and tunnels to please. It has all the right pressure in all the right places!. See why this new sleeve is one to look out for! &..
Tenka Ikketsu Tenka Ikketsu
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Model: 54356362
Its masturbators like these that put Ride Japan on the map. The ‘Tenka Ikketsu’ has large labia and clitoris is there to gaze at but what’s to feel is just about everything else. The hall is soft and mushy and has nubs, ridges and ripples that come from all directions! Those that t..
The Mouth of Truth Sweet Bites The Mouth of Truth Sweet Bites
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Model: 4571324241907
On the back of the success of her older sister 'The Mouth of Truth' comes the newer version which entails softer teeth and thicker tongue for more fun. Like the original which some would say the most popular oral toy, this one has all the same interior like membrane and tonsils work. Not onl..
The Mouth of Truth “LA BOCCA DELLA VERITA” The Mouth of Truth “LA BOCCA DELLA VERITA”
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Model: 4571324241906
The Mouth of Truth “LA BOCCA DELLA VERITA” is the new kid on the block for 2014 in the fellatio toy family. Taking once glance at this baby you can see that it is crazy realistic and certainly a top scorer in her field. The throat and roof of the mouth contains realistically crafted ridg..
Tsuruttsuru Virgin Puriman - Kokoa Aisu Tsuruttsuru Virgin Puriman - Kokoa Aisu
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Model: 45464688
AV Idol Kokoa Aisu has doppelganger floating around and it is this toy! For those that love AV Idols I am sure you all know this babe. NPG has licensed her to make this stunning and masturbator. It comes complete with a unique seal that is shut from the entrance that needs to be pierced open to brea..
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Model: 87686799
Magic Eyes doing what it does best which is uber realistic body style toys. This one the new favorite out there is the ‘UnREAL BODY’. You only have to gaze at this piece of art to know that she is one to watch out for. UnREAL BODY has a full torso style perfect for those that like a more..
Vagina Deep Diver V.D.D Vagina Deep Diver V.D.D
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Model: 54646588
New and very inventive company RIDE Japan is now introducing probably their most successful masturbator of them all the V.D.D (Vagina Deep Diver) is a double layer table toy made like no other. The interior has a very organic feel that follows and ends with a uterus. The overall design is for usin..
Virgin Loop Darin Seven Virgin Loop Darin Seven
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Model: 4566777845
On the back of the success of her sister which was the standard 'Virgin Loop' which was the biggest seller in Japan for 2018! Yes thats right the biggest seller. Now we have the latest version which is the 'Virgin Loop Darin Seven'. The word 'Darin' is used as its J..
Yokujo "The Lust" Yokujo "The Lust"
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Model: 56777788878
Yokujo The Lust is back again! Magic Eyes famous onahole with the deep most red with more mushy nubbs and tunnels than you can handle. Designed with special texture inside that no other has to really give of that fleshy inner feel.            Yok..
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